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Golden Pear Voice On Hold



  • An estimated 70% of business phone callers are put on hold.
  • An estimated 60% of business phone callers put on hold will hang up without messages & music on hold.
  • An estimated 30% of these phone callers don't call back!



  • Phone callers with SILENCE-ON-HOLD will abandon their phone calls in less than one minute; 90% hang up within 40 seconds.
  • Phone callers with MUSIC ON HOLD will stay on the line 30 seconds longer than with only silence.
  • Phone callers with MESSAGES ON HOLD will stay on the line for up to 3 minutes longer.


  • According to Ifbyphone.com, the average wait time for a small business is 1 minute 47 seconds; 39 seconds for a medium sized business and 45 seconds for a large business.
  • An average person will spend 1.2 years on hold over their life, according to Woman’s World Magazine.
  • When people call your business, 15 – 35 of them will purchase additional items and services as a result of something they heard while on hold.



Message only

Includes 1 voice, music and message creation (up to 3 minutes of on hold messages)

Call or email for price quote

If you would like more than one voice, there would be an additional investment .


Message + Machine silver package

Includes one digital audio player, music and 1 message per month (up to 3 minutes and one voice)

Call or email for price quote

Message + Machine gold package

Includes one digital audio player, music and unlimited monthly messages (one voice)

Call or email for price quote


With Golden Pear Voice and Image, there are no monthly contracts. We make this part of marketing your business worry-free.  We can customize a package for your business, so please contact us for more information. 










Golden Pear Voice On Hold will do a needs analysis for your business.  We will work with you to create a professional sound to help your business grow. Our goals are to help you increase the retention of  callers on hold, increase inquiries to your business and increase requests for your products and services.



  • CNN Survey - "The average person spends 60 hours per year on hold..."
  • CNN Survey - "Without on hold music or messages, 60% of those on hold will hang up and 30% won't call back..."
  • Cellular Marketing Magazine - "Over 85% of phone callers prefer on hold messages over silence..."
  • Telemarketing Magazine - "Surveys show that 15% to 20% of phone callers make purchases based on information they heard on hold..."
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